AliCante ShipSupply

Alicante Shipsupply


Alicante Shipsupply deliver products with the highest standards of quality.

Head office in Torreveija, Alicante Shipsupply provides services and facilities that continuously exceed the expectations of even the most arduous challenges. This guarantees that our client’s expectations are met.

Alicante Shipsupply a shipsupplier professional distributor of beverage, alcohol, perfumes and cosmetics to geographically remote locations in good volumes. We are working closely with many well-known principals and brand owners with the distribution with right policies, doing our best to open new markets where manufacturers are having limited coverage, without touching currently serving customers and channels. We distribute to:

Border Shops
Private Jets, Ferry Lines and Ship Chandlers
Developing Markets Duty-Free Stores
Diplomats and Military and other Developing Markets Government projects